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Skills development, Capacity development (ToT model) , SDG localisation, digital transformation for institutions with help of funded programs from EU and UN. To create cognitive diversity and cross continent collaborations for world peace.
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BøthOfUs is co-funded by EU funds, UN funds to do digital transformation together with institutions in democratic countries of the world. BøthOfUs runs innovative debt model fund for innovators in Sub saharan and EU countries
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Fully funded program for municipalities on Digitalisation - Digital tools and innovation for SMEs in EU islands
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Who we collaborate with

BøthOfUs | EU |UN | International agencies
co-funded program for

Public & Private partnership (PPP)
Public institutions ( Ministries, Embassies, Judicial, Health)
HEI ( Higher education institutions) & VET ( Vocational schools)
Private Institutions ( Digitalisation & Innovation)
International Agencies (Ex: UN, Common wealth, SAHEL, AU,EU)
Civil society, CBO (Community Based Organisation) Youth Organisation, Agri coops

What we do

BøthOfUs EU & UN funded programs on

Creating world peace using digitalisation, innovation & technology
Building/Enhancing innovation ecosystem
Capacity development on digital and innovation
Skills development for youth on digital, soft skills.
Digitalisation - Web, mobile tools and design creation
Advocacy for international collaboration


Case Study :
Capacity, skills development on digital skills for youth and women led organisations in 6 countries.

Connecting youth organisations and city leaders for better policy and decision making. 

BøthOfUs co-designed and co-led the project as partners using technology and story telling. 

BøthOfUs in News & Media

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BøthOfUs in Tunisian News
BøthOfUs in United Nations.,Kenya
BøthOfUs in Start Green Germany
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BøthOfUs in Cleantech of startup india

BøthOfUs created social impact together with


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