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European Union Co-Funded Initiative Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
European Union Co-Funded Program Empowering Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises for Revenue Generation, Financial Sustainability, Digitalization, Transformation, Stratergy on profit generation
Technology and Design Services
BøthOfUs specializes in crafting bespoke applications, websites, and digital tools tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), aiming to elevate their online presence to an international standard of excellence. Our commitment to supporting social businesses is exemplified through our provision of affordably priced services, made possible through collaborative efforts with both EU initiatives and private funding sources
Formation of Consortia and Funding Acquisition
At BøthOfUs, we collaborate with various change-makers to strategize, coordinate, and secure funding from diverse grant programs and private investors through our consortium-based approach.

For Small, Micro, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Cohort II - Fostering Global Peace Through Innovation & Technology

To conduct a comprehensive assessment of your digital tools and design aimed at enhancing financial stability.

Establishing a novel revenue stream within the current business framework

Expanding into new markets to amplify business growth

Formation of a consortium for seeking EU and international funding opportunities

Fostering International Collaborations

What is SME program?

1) SME program is for startup, small, or medium-sized business seeking EU expertise for business analysis, digitalization, branding, and strategic planning and grants to boost revenue

2) It is usual startups have past attempts at consortium grant applications been unsuccessful or overly time-consuming, diverting your focus from product or service development?

3) SME program is designed to cater to your business needs, offering support in optimising potential, consortium grant applications, branding, and digital tool development using grants provided by BøthOfUs. (Explore the outlined steps below for more information on the program's offerings)

4) Please, note there is a selection process and not all startups expressing interest can be part of the program.

Benefits for participating institutions

For non EU organisation/Institutions

1) BøthOfUs will represent your business in EU

2) Together with BøthOfUs applying for EU funding

3) Creating new revenue generation

4) Internationalisation and digitalisation of your business

5) Better brand, strategy and partnership for your business

6) Creation of design, building digital tools (Web, apps and strategy for market with grants from BøthOfUs - This. is not free, however BøthOfUs will take care of upto 75% of the cost where you as a business will pay remaining 25%, BøthOfUs doesnt take any equity for this)

For EU organisation/Institutions

1) Global scale up - Presence in Nordics, Africa, US, UAE and Australia

2) Revenue generation

3) Internationalisation of startups in the ecosystem

4) Consortium formation and funding application as consortium

5) Applying for UN and other international funding together with global south partners

6) Creation of design, building digital tools (Web, apps and strategy for market with grants from BøthOfUs - This. is not free, however BøthOfUs will take care of upto 75% of the cost where you as a business will pay remaining 25%, BøthOfUs doesnt take any equity for this

Next steps

Prior to reviewing the outlined steps, we kindly request that you familiarize yourself with the Terms of Reference for the program.

Step 1: You are a startup or Small business or Medium business and you expresses interest with participation in the program.

Step 2: BøthOfUs will send a commitment fee request to you and after the commitment fee is paid, BøthOfUs facilitates a virtual/in-Person meeting, this will be a workshop of understanding your current operations.
(Least Developed Countries : €220, Island countries : € 340, Economy in Transition/Developing Economies : €450, Developed countries : €590) ref https:/ untry_classification.pdf

Step 3: During workshop day the focus will be on how to increase revenue, strategy of business, digital tools, branding, Funding programs suitable for you, opportunity to join the consortium to apply for large funds.

Step 4: The Phase 1 output presentation will spotlight key findings. The report will delve into actionable insights aimed at enhancing revenue streams, refining business models, optimizing digital technology facets, and proposing design enhancements

Step 5: Phase 2 represents the implementation stage where the outcomes derived from Phase 1 will be executed and meticulously measured for effectiveness

Once Phase 2 starts, BøthOfUs applies for grants together with you, we will need a internal focal point in your startup or SME for applying and communicating.

  1. SMEs program is for startups, small, medium business who is in need of 
    1. Design or build Digital tools such as apps, website, Tech tools to be built in semi granted progarm by paying only 25% of the value and rest covered by BøthOfUs Fund. 
    2.   Strong revenue generation model or business model review 
    3. Grants and Funds (BøthOfUs can link with investor and together with SME apply for funding)  
    4. Looking to expand into US, EU or Australian market 
    5. Strong stratergy for the company
  2. SME program is  co funded program run by BøthOfUs and EU organisations 
  1. Startup companies in any part of the world 
  2. Small business 
  3. Restaurants 
  4. Retail/service sectors 
  5. Institutions looking to commercialise products 

Both legally registered and not registered companies can apply and the SME should be able to pay commitment fee (Please, refer to the ToR, the commitment fee varies depending on your country) 

If you are looking to create 

  1. Revenue generation,
  2. New business model generation,
  3. Staff Capacity building,
  4. Digital transformation strategy
  5. Creating Investment connections,
  6. Applying for EU and international funds. 
  7. Facility or chances to build your digital tool provided with 75% grant from BøthOfUs ( Remaining 25% should be paid by you) 

Express interest to email or in whatsapp +46768688418

  1. The program has two phase,
  2. Phase 1 to start in Feb 2024 and will run for 1 month.
  3. Phase 2 runs for 8 to 12 months. 
    The program timeline will be communicated to selected institutions during the onboarding process. We aim to provide comprehensive support to ensure success.

14 SMEs will be supported

Please send an email to or keep it simple by sending whatsapp/Telegram/Viber message or call to number +46768688418
We’re here to help and provide the information you need.

No, the program is co-funded and BøthOfUs will not take any equity.

  1. SME will not receive immediate funding as being part of the program 
  2. SMEs if selected after phase 1 will recieve abilty to build the digital tools co-funded by BøthOfUs (i.e BøthOfUs can help build and design tools, apps with its own team and co-fund the development cost of upto 75% and the rest 25% will be paid by participating companies. This will help and save budget for SMEs) 
  3. BøthOfUs and startups also apply for grants (Equity free money) 
  4. BøthOfUs will connect SMEs will relevant investors 

April 14th 2024

Who funds this program

The initiative receives co-funding through BøthOfUs as a component of EU instruments, specifically under cascade funding, which is commonly recognized as FSTP funds.
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