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EU co-funded project for small, micro and medium enterprise for digitalisation and digital transformation
Tech & Design​
BøthOfUs helps to build apps, websites and tools for SME with the goal of giving them international and respectable look. BøthOfUs was able to support social business by offering low fee service with help of EU and Private funds
Consortium formation & Funding
BøthOfUs, coordinates with different change makers to help receive funding from different grant programs and private investors by applying as consourtium

For Small, Micro and Medium business

Creating world peace using innovation & technology

Building tech and design

Creating financial sustainability

Business models


Advocacy for international collaboration

Who funds this program

The program is funded as part of EU instruments under cascade funding also known as FSTP funds

BøthOfUs information on EU website

HEI fund

BøthOfUs successful collaborations

Activities of the program

Step 1 : SME express interest,

Step 2 : BøthOfUs will arrange virtual meeting for program preparation and compatibility check,

Step 3 : Partnering, SME signs MoU,

Step 4 : Phase 1 starts with a study to understand current state of the SME

BøthOfUs in News & Media

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