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We create apps and website for social impact projects by using tech and design competency.

Our knowledge on social impact and technology makes us unique.

We offer our services in a way that people working on social impact can afford.

Below are some of the project we are proud of.

Youth Empowerment

BøthOfUs is working in sub saharan African countries on training youth, kids with technology and soft skills. 

One part of the project is also in collaboration with UN – Habitat program to empower youth and decision makers. 

Pan EU
Cross Acceleration

Connecting EU accelerator to one another, both in vertical dimension and horizontal dimension. 
This program aims startups to learn from an accelerator in a new country in form of Bootcamp, meet local investor, local companies.
The goal of this project is to empower startups using EU values



Spent a year in EU
in costs related to
air pollution 

AI for Air quality

Air pollution is invisible, but poses a major threat to health and climate. 
Co2Co2Puff is an AI tool used to identify/measure the air you breathe in real time

Be Safe & Sound

Ward off attackers with Safe&Sound – deterring danger with alarm signalling and instantaneous contact connection


Women worldwide have
experienced physical &
or sexual violence

SDG icon 12 white small

EU to ban
single use plastics 

Stop Single use plastic

PlasticFreeEurope provides alternatives for single-use plastics all around the world at economical prices for business and individuals.

Social & Environmental Impact

Impaakt’s mission is to bring impact analysis to the heart of all investment decisions, so that capital can be directed to the businesses that have the best possible impact on the planet and society


Euro is the total money
invested in 2015
on social impact

million students study abroad
at university level.

Branding - Guide to universities abroad

IEC Abroad helps students to find a study place abroad. They wanted to stand out to their target audiences – students, parents and universities – as friendly, helpful and professional.

#Surfejs - boycott 
hazardous ingredients

Many beauty and hygiene products contain harmful ingredients. Naturskyddsföreningen wanted to draw attention to this in a humorous way and asked us to make a set of warning illustrations.

make-up brands have promised to
stop using PFAS in their products

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