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EU Program for Municipalities & Islands of EU
EU funded project for municipalities on digitalisation, innovation and youth focused towards 2030 agenda.
Digitalisation & Innovation - Staff Capacity building
Together with municipalities, program will be launched for small, medium business, associations.
* Municipalities do not pay any fee, other actors pay a small commitment fee
Training for youth , student Job, Internship and Study abroad
Students are trained through the education institutions on job market readiness, Soft skills training, Internship training or study abroad preparedness and training.

EU funded program of
Digltal Transformation for
EU municipalities

Post covid, EU municipalities realised the importance of digital transformation, the cost of digital transformation is really expensive. 

BøthOfUs, with help of funds from EU, made it possible

Fully funded program for municipalities to digitalise business in Island, Rural municipalities together 

For Municipalities of EU & EEA

Creating world peace using innovation & technology

Building innovation ecosystem

Capacity development

Skills development


Advocacy for international collaboration

Program structure

BøthOfUs EU & UN funded programs on
Creating world peace using digitalisation, innovation & technology
Building/Enhancing tech transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship centre
Capacity development on digitalisation and innovation for business and municipality
Skills development for youth/Student on digital, soft skills.
Study abroad, internships, job training, programs for students
Cross municipalities collaborations

Activities of the program

Step 1 : Municipalities express interest

Step 2 : BøthOfUs will arrange virtual meeting with municipalities for program preparation and compatibility check.

Step 3 : Partnering, municipality signs MoU, Municipality does not pay any fee.

Step 4 : Phase 1 starts with a study to understand current state of municipality

Step 5 : Phase 2 is the implementation, BøthOfUs will travel to the municipality to do capacity for municipality and also to meet local business, associations to do digitalisation

European Union municipalities is a program for EU/EEA municipalities to help with digitalisation, youth empowerment and cross country collaboration

Any municipality which is located in EU/EEA countries can apply. 

Staff Capacity building, Digital transformation strategy for Municipalities, Revenue generation for municipalities, Creating youth job opportunities, Applying for EU and international funds. 

Express interest to email

The program has two phases, Phase 1 to start in Jan 2024 and will run for 1 month. Phase 2 runs for 8 to 12 months.  The program timeline will be communicated to selected municipalities during the onboarding process. We aim to provide comprehensive support to ensure success.

i. Expert advisory from experts across Digitalisation, job creation, staff training. 

ii. Access to a community of municipalities and to do cross country projects.

iii. Coaching and mentoring for municipality staffs.

iv. Applying for EU and international funds. 

v. Exposure to a vibrant network of programs.

Municipalities need to provide one point of contact person and need to arrange, prepare staffs for training programs as planned. 

Please send an email to We’re here to help and provide the information you need.

Who funds this program

The program is funded as part of EU instruments under cascade funding also known as FSTP funds
BøthOfUs information on EU website
HEI fund

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