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International and local Job preparedness programs
The program provides students with a well-rounded training that equips them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in their chosen careers.
Job & Internship opportunities programs
Job readiness - Program opens doors to study abroad opportunities, offering you a chance to broaden their horizons and gain international experience.
Innovation & Startups training programs - Entrepreneurship
To be part of entrepreneurship, funding program, to apply and get funded from EU and international agency

Training program to empower and provide opportunities

Empowering Futures: A Comprehensive Training Program to Foster Skills and Unlock Opportunities

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Holistic Preparation:
Equipping students with skills, knowledge, and confidence for successful careers.

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Offering flexible programs to accommodate diverse schedules.

Comprehensive Curriculum:
Covering industry-relevant subjects for job market readiness.

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Global Exposure:
Providing opportunities for international study experiences.


Holistic Career Development: Balancing practical internships and study abroad for well-rounded skills.

What is Youth Training Program?

The youth training program is designed to empower students who are on the threshold of entering the job market. With a strong focus on preparing them for the dynamic job industry, this program offers a range of flexible options to cater to students' diverse needs and schedules.

Benefits for participating youth

> Global Perspective: Students will receive international training, exposing them to diverse cultures, work environments, and perspectives. This experience broadens their understanding of global business practices.

> International Job Vacancies: Participants in the program gain access to international job vacancies, expanding their career options.

> The program identifies and selects the best candidates, offering them international opportunities to showcase their skills on a global scale.

I am interested in joining the program. What steps should I take?

Simply apply by answering a few questions about yourself, and we will reach out to you.

Program Activities

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Job & Internship Opportunities

Step 1:
Identification of youth that would like to participate in the Job & Internship Opportunities program.

Step 2:
The individual youth will be trained on skills such as:
● Profile creation,
● LinkedIn profile,
● Digital profile creation,
● CV preparation,
● Interview preparation,
● Digital presence,
● Digital means of communication,
● Searching and applying for job and internship opportunities,
● & soft skill training.

Step 3:
Upon completion of the training, youth will be given resources to apply for which you can apply for.

Step 4:
The best of the candidates will be mapped and matched with the Corporates or internship opportunities abroad.

Innovation Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is designed to empower youth with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants receive assistance in refining their products to achieve excellence in both local and international markets.

Furthermore, the program offers support in scaling up, including access to funding opportunities. Youth can apply for funding through the program, and if selected, they will receive funding to further develop their products.

The program will help youth in terms of presenting at international events and conferences and connecting with international networks and potential investors.

The program is comprehensive, encompassing training from the ground up, encouraging idea generation, fostering hackathons, and facilitating the development and execution of innovative projects.

Business developer & soft skills development

➤ Regular (day time) ➤ 3 weeks

Data management​​

➤ Evenings ➤ 2 weeks

Data Analytics​​​

➤ Weekend ➤ 1 month

Job Interview​

➤ Regular (day time) ➤ 3 weeks

Internship abroad​

➤ Regular (day time) .​

Soft skills training​

➤ Daytime & Evenings ➤ 3 weeks


➤ Daytime & Evenings ➤ 3 weeks

For whom?

YOUTH | WOMEN (Youth - Age group 18 to 35)

● Employment,
● School drop outs,
● Would like to study more,
● Would like to work abroad,
● Innovation, entrepreneurship, startup founders


Application Process:
Interested students complete a detailed application form, including their academic background, career goals, and preferred internship sectors.

Interview and Selection:
Shortlisted candidates undergo interviews to assess their suitability for the program, ensuring a cohesive and motivated cohort.

Orientation and Onboarding:
Selected students participate in a thorough orientation program, preparing them for their upcoming internship and study abroad experiences.

Program Commencement:
The program officially begins with internship placements, followed by study abroad opportunities and innovation workshops as per the structured timeline.


Case Study :
Capacity, skills development on digital skills for youth and women led organisations in 6 countries.

Connecting youth organisations and city leaders for better policy and decision making. 

BøthOfUs co-designed and co-led the project as partners using technology and story telling. 

Who funds this program

The initiative receives co-funding through BøthOfUs and partners from EU & AU

Other funds of BøthOfUs
BøthOfUs information on EU website
HEI fund

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