Restaurants can sell food cheaper or give it for free, the app is really well done, almost ready to go. Made with love for


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Tool, along with Rebecka (cosmetics). Offer a makeup service, at least for a day. For people in hospitals (cancer patients) free of charge, hospitals pay… Read More »MakeHappy


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Social awareness campaign for Swedish semi state owned company to stop harmful substance on face creams. Made with love for


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An illustration project on social awareness of health and lifestyle for a famous local milk company. Made with love for


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Supported an EU sponsored project for an E-health and hospital management system for Latvia.  Made with love for


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A smart machine learning algorithm that uses the help of smart sensors to monitor kids lifestyle diseases. Plus helping with real time monitoring system, including … Read More »Harmony


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A project for helping healthcare agencies and patients to have the  right doctors and nurses at the right time. Made with love for VIDEO