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Students can take pictures of ads from noticeboards to put in the platform, then gain points, then exchange for money. Made with love for IOS… Read More »Noticeboard


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App, finds out what people are passionate about and pairs them with companies. Made with love for


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Live, check air quality for taking kids out, an extension of Cocopuff. Made with love for VIDEO IOS ANDROID


Restaurants can sell food cheaper or give it for free, the app is really well done, almost ready to go. Made with love for


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Single app for transportation in EU. Made with love for


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Mandela, coloring, mathematical form of art. Use digital mediums to keep it alive. App, coloring book, web. relaxation area. Traditional southeast asian technique. Mobile app… Read More »Kolam


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Providing the tools for start-ups to monitor their progress and succeed, without inquiring in extreme expenses. Made with love for


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Reliable guides to help newcomers adapt and smoothly integrate into a new city and country. Made with love for


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IOS and Android messaging app that converts user’s voice recordings into song, helping them remember important information. Made with love for