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Expression of Interest for consortium partnership
BøthOfUs applies for EU, UN and other international public and private funds, this page helps partners to express interest to be part of consortium on future applications.

Who can be partners

Any organisation working towards creating world peace can be consourtium partners from any sector/domain - BøthOfUs primary work/funded program from the past are listed below

Building innovation and entreprenuership ecosystem

Capacity development for staff and youth to implement ToT model

Skills development for staffs and youth and internationalisation

Digitalisation - Creating tools, process, entreprise models

Advocacy for cross country and international collaboration to create peace

How do we collaborate

Step 1 : Expression of interest by filling the form

Step 2 : BøthOfUs will send email or take a call when we find a specific call we could apply together

Step 3 : Identification of consortium leader based on the call

Step 4 : Partnership needs to be presented in the form of a letter of cooperation, memorandum of understanding or similar document signed by both parties.

Step 5 : Apply for funding from international and national agencies

BøthOfUs Successful collaborations

BøthOfUs in News & Media

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