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Grant writing - Tips

Quick tips on writing a proper grant application 

Grant writing

Preparation, Project estimation and collaboration aspects are important part of grant writing, this article gives quick tips to focus when writing a grant application.


Read grant guidelines carefully
Focus on grant scope and topics
If you have doubt on applying, please, write email to grant coordinator (this gives good impression)


Mentally prepare and plan the time to write the grant application properly
Start much early than the deadline
Outsource to grant writer if the grant is more than €1 million or aim to spend quality time in writing.


Be precise and clearly define the Objectives
Grants are usually granted for clear plan and clear execution
Apply as a team

Answer should be "Yes" to inhouse capacity to develop solution and ability to complete and deliver output


Clearly define the budget
Budget cannot be much lower or higher than the grant offered
The output should offer value for money of the grant, since the evaluator need to justify the selection to their team.


Proposal should be easy to read and curated in a proper way.
Make it easy to read and understand the project
Avoid Jargons and Industrial abbreviation
Use heading, subheading, bullet points
Proof read before submitting
Use images and Infographics to explain the project better
Provide compelling abstract
Use specific keywords from the grant call and connect the application to grant call.