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Town of Ii

Ii - Europes Most EcoFriendly Town

An inspiration from Finland 

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Town Of Ii

Town of Ii, small town in Finland managed to become Europes first humble place to be eco-friendly town. It is producing more energy and now Helsinki wants renewable energy from Ii,
Are residents of Ii, happy to build more wind farms?

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90% Renewable energy

30 to 35% from Wind energy
60 to 65% from Hydro energy
Produces 10 times more energy than needs
2 million Euro in revenue from energy

How is it possible

It took 7 years
Step 1 : Early education
Step 2 : Appoint 7 to 12 year old kids in school as energy agents
Step 3 : Reward : Student save the money from energy which is then given back to Student union to decide where to spend
Step 4: Sustain : Only 2 super markets, people prefer local produced food
Step 5: Innovation : One of the Europes biggest peatlands is in Ii, which helps and balance ecosystem


190 to 200 million Euro investment in Climate actions
1.5 million city budget for wind energy goes to property tax
Ii Want to be zero waste by 2025
Population 10,000 to 15,000

Weekly schedule - Weekly communal activties

Monday - Exercise
Tuesday - Eat only veggies
Wednesday - Circulate what you have and collect what you do not have
Thursday - Shared economy
Friday - Do not buy any new things
Saturday, Sunday - Family time

Students are catalyst of Change

Students are agencies of change
Student drive cycle even in winter
Student monitor both schools and help parents to keep the town green