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EU co-funded program for hotels
EU co-funded program aimed at enhancing revenue generation, digitalization, sustainability, and building capacity for profitable outcomes through digital initiatives within the hotel industry.
Revenue generation, Digitalisation, Sustainability
Staff capacity building on revenue generation, digitalisation, ways of working, critical thinking, mindset change, following the Training of Trainers model as recommended by United Nations

For Hotels, restaurants and hospitality sector

Cohort I - Fostering Global Peace Through Innovation & Technology

To conduct a comprehensive assessment of hotels revenue generation aimed at enhancing financial stability.

Establishing a novel revenue stream within the current business framework

Expanding into new revenue generation channel to amplify business growth

Formation of a consortium for seeking EU and international funding opportunities

Fostering International Collaborations

Program Activities

Prior to reviewing the outlined steps, we kindly request that you familiarize yourself with the Terms of Reference for the program.

Step 1: Hotel expresses interest in participation.

Step 2: BøthOfUs facilitates a virtual meeting to prepare for the program and assess compatibility.

Step 3: Phase 1 initiates an extensive assessment aimed at evaluating your Hotel's status quo, encompassing revenue models, customer base, products/services, funding, digital technology integration, design elements, sustainability. Hotels will pay a commitment fee based on the hotel room price ranging from €200 to €800 for phase 1

Step 4: The Phase 1 output presentation will spotlight key findings. The report will delve into actionable insights aimed at enhancing revenue streams, refining business models, optimising digital technology facets, and proposing design enhancements, staff training.

Step 5: Phase 2 represents the implementation stage where the outcomes derived from Phase 1 will be executed and meticulously measured for effectiveness

Who funds this program

The initiative receives co-funding through BøthOfUs as a component of EU instruments, specifically under cascade funding, which is commonly recognized as FSTP funds.

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