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EU funding 2023

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Discover Opportunities for Business Growth in 2023 with 5 Open Calls for Proposals

  1. 36th CORNET Call for Proposals

    • Deadline: 27/09/2023

    The 36th CORNET Call for Proposals, initiated as an ERA-NET in 2005 and supported by the European Commission’s 6th and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development until 2010, presents a unique opportunity. The ERA-NET principle still guides joint CORNET Calls for Proposals, focusing on leveraging national or regional funding schemes to enhance SMEs’ competitiveness through international pre-competitive Collective Research projects. Facilitated by the AiF since 2011, CORNET encourages the participation of SME associations, organizations, research performers, and individual SMEs. Embrace this chance to engage in low-barrier, unbureaucratic procedures designed to empower you in executing international Collective Research projects.

  2. STAR GROWTH – Open Call for Tourism SMEs

    • Deadline: 26/07/2023

    The STAR GROWTH initiative invites Tourism SMEs in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, and Italy to propel sustainable growth. By providing technical and financial support, along with fostering awareness, development, and capacity in sustainable innovations, this project aims to:

    • Support SMEs in adopting sustainable and innovative practices.
    • Empower SMEs through training and capacity-building activities.
    • Enhance SME competitiveness via innovation in sustainable and resilient tourism processes.
  3. EIT RawMaterials – Booster Call for Start-ups and SMEs 2023

    • Deadline: 04/09/2023

    EIT RawMaterials, a catalyst for innovation in the raw materials sector, invites start-ups and SMEs to the Booster Call. This initiative seeks to:

    • Accelerate technology challenges, elevating the Technology Readiness Level.
    • Expedite market introduction through strategic measures.
    • Facilitate product portfolio diversification, addressing market needs.
  4. Non-thematic development actions by SMEs

    • Deadline: 22/11/2023

    Seize the opportunity to drive innovation in the defense sector. This call encourages SMEs to efficiently transform technology and research results into defense products, with a focus on:

    • Innovative defense products, solutions, and technologies.
    • Business Coaching for successful SME beneficiaries.
    • Contributions to European technological and industrial ecosystems.
  5. AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Open Call for Digitalisation Services and Product Development

    • Deadlines:
      • 1st cut-off: Tuesday, 5th September 2023, 17:00 Brussels time.
      • 2nd cut-off: Tuesday, 16th January 2024, 17:00 Brussels time.

    European SMEs in manufacturing, mobility, logistics, and energy sectors are invited to partake in the AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Open Call. This initiative supports digitalization planning activities, emphasizing AI & BC technologies for twin transition (digital and green). Activities include technology transfer, proof of concept, business model development, and innovation development services. Ensure your proposals address the outlined macro-challenges, fostering a digital, resilient, and green future for your company.