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Embassies & Consulates

For international peace and cross border collaborations 

What is EEU?

EEU (Embassies in European Union) program - offers 25 embassies and consulate authorities with the possibility to participate in EU program

Co-funded by EU & BøthOfUs the program focuses on digital transformation, innovation, capacity building and trade.

The main objective is to provide embassies throughout the EU with resources and solutions to the challenges and build international collaboration for world peace through collaboration

The Program is gateway for resource mobilisation

How does it work?

Step 1 : Embassies, will express interest

Step 2 : Embassies will meet our representative for a short meeting

Step 3 : If Embassies suits well for program then the program starts with focus on

1) Capacity building, Digitalisation and cross border cognitive exchange.

2) Cross continent learning for HEI - Higher education institution between EU & Embassy country.

3) Digitalisation and digital transformation capacity building

4) PPP - Mobilisation of resources and building ecosystem

5) Trade and Digitalisation of trade.

6) Agri & SDG Skills development.

Who can apply?

1) Embassies and consulates

2) Located in one of the 27 EU Member States

3) Able to start collaboration in August 2023

4) Able to pay 5% of program as commitment fee (€500)

Who funds this program

The program is funded by three different partners

a) 80% funded by EU agencies to BøthOfUs Ab

b) 15% self funded by BøthOfUs AB, Sweden

c) 5% by participating Embassies and consulates in EU.

 19 Embassies are part of this program and 5 Embassies are part of Phase 2 of EEU
BøthOfUs info on grants websites 
European Commission website 
Higher Education institute – EIT funded 

Full Program structure

The full program structure

The program is two phase approach


1) Embassies express interest 

2) BøthOfUs representative will meet Embassies in person/remote for explanation of the program and question

Phase 1 

A Preliminary MoU will be signed between BøthOfUs & Embassy

3) BøthOfUs & Embassy team will sit for a 2 hour workshop on learning and alignment of priorities 

Embassy pays the 5% commitment fee (€500)

4) BøthOfUs will perform a 100 to 120 hours of research on embassy priority and align it to EU country priorities to map the cross continent/border collaborations 

5) BøthOfUs, presents the report in person/remote with list of things that could be done in the field of cross border 

For Example 

a) Bringing professor from the Embassy country university to exchange knowledge with a EU university 

b) Full scholarship for embassy home country student in a EU university 

c) Trade and which country could be suitable of which trade items 

d) Skills development for youth of the home country of Embassy 

e) Capacity building on digitalisation for home country of the Embassy 

f) Digital transformation and tech transfer from EU country to home country of the Embassy 

g) Mobilisation of the resources and FDI 

h) Promoting tourism for the home country of the Embassy

i) Soft landing for Home country business in EU 

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the implementation of the KPI which are results of Phase 1 

Phase 2 shall be done in collaboration with BøthOfUs & EU institutions. 

* Kindly note, this cohort funding is allocated for only 25 embassies, due to lot of expression of interest, we accept only Embassies  located in Scandinavian countries, with priority in the order of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Iceland.  

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