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BøthOfUs collaborates with Botswana based public and private institutions with UN and EU programs 

How to collaborate

Step 1

BøthOfUs and partnering institutions aligns with the mutual ToR as part of the EU co-funded program

Step 2

Sign MoU to take Phase 1 of the feasibility study, this feasibility study is done remotely

Step 3

BøthOfUs, coordinates with institutions to build innovation ecosystem and digitalisation, also apply for international resources

Step 4

Cross regional collaborate with EU institutions to create strong onboarding for Botswana.

Program details

The terms of reference sheet provides comprehensive details about the objective, output, and delivery of the project. It would be beneficial to refer to the document to gain a deeper understanding of the project requirements and expectations.

Are you an institution in Botswana?

Irrespective of the size, we try to support all institutions in Botswana 

BøthOfUs in Botswana between 25th August to 3rd September 2023

Whatsapp +46768688418
Email : 


If you have a social impact project you would like to collaborate on, get in touch! We can chat over a cup of coffee.