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We are an international team of developers, designers and activist entrepreneurs.

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Kay Nag

Founder & Tech Lead

I was born to a family living on less than $5/day. Since then I have lived in 8 countries. I have lived in a sky scraper in the Dubai Marina and in a timber frame house in Sweden. I know a bit about disparity and I am passionate about social justice. I particularly care about child safety. With BøthOfUs I want to create opportunities for people who come from similar circumstances, so in our company we employ and bring up international talent.

I’d love to hear what you are passionate about.

Emily Ryan


Born in England and brought up in Sweden, I grew up speaking two languages. I have continued to have a keen interest in events outside of our borders and love the internationality of the internet. I have been a writer for websites, a front-end developer, a digital designer and now I work primarily with illustration. 

Storytelling is my big passion. I see books as a route to better understanding ourselves, the world and seeing the humour and spark in everyday life. 

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Karla Gomez

Founding Member & Advisor

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Charlotte Wierling

UN SDG Accelerator - Germany

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Dimitra Gkounta

Chief Operating officer

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Sabrina Hock

Sustainability Business manager

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Ali Raza

Tech Lead

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Amos Nkum

Fullstack developer

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Jaya Sooriya


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Hamid RazaGoraya

Android LEAD

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Joel Yeap


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Yousef Jarada

Android & Firebase engineer

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Kimberly Majer

Project Management

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Ghada Kabeer

Project Manager and Quality

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