Our work

We work on projects geared towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. These goals aim to create a stable planet with opportunities for everyone.

locations in Sweden currently
have air that is unhealthy

CO2CO2puff - making air quality visual

Air pollution is invisible but poses a major threat to health and climate. But with Co2Co2Puff you can see the air you breathe in real time.

Be Safe & Sound

Ward off attackers with Safe&Sound, the app and button which deters with an alarm and contacts help in an instant. 

Every 15 seconds,
a woman is attacked
million students study abroad
at university level.

Redesigning a guide to universities abroad

IEC Abroad helps students to find a study place abroad. They wanted to stand out to their target audiences – students, parents and universities – as friendly, helpful and professional.

#surfejs - boycott 
hazardous ingredients

Many beauty and hygiene products contain harmful ingredients. Naturskyddsföreningen wanted to draw attention to this in a humorous way and asked us to make a set of warning illustrations.

make-up brands have promised to
stop using PFAS in their products

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