We make apps & art for social causes

The projects we take on strive to meet the United Nation's Sustainability Goals for 2030

Be safe wherever you go

Many women feel unsafe at night. Stay connected with this app, and no one has to walk alone. We will be able to tell you more about this project soon.

Borderless education

Getting a first class education in your field of study means leaving your field of habitat ;) More about this project to come.

What's happnin' in the hood?

An app that connects people in the real world, wherever they may be. Available soon in the Android Store.

Toxic ingredient warnings

Many beauty and hygiene products contain harmful ingredients. Naturskyddsföreningen wanted to draw attention to this in a humorous way.

Our Team

Meet our team members

  • Emily Ryan

    Illustrator / Designer

  • Kay Nag

    Contributor to Society

  • Karla Gomez